Non Molestation Order 


If you are seeking a Non Molestation Order and or an Occupation Order, I can help:


  • Fees from £70 per hour.
  • Ascertaining all information from you or your ex relating to allegations of domestic abuse or ;
  • Advising you on the evidence which you should be able to provide to prove or for the rebuttal of the allegations of domestic abuse;
  • Assessing the relevant documents to be submitted in support or the rebuttal of allegations;
  • Advising you on the weaknesses and strengths of your case and  how to best proceed;
  • advising you on court procedures;
  • Rebuttal - advising you on the making of a cross application against the petitioner if necessary;
  • Assisting with the completion of the Non Molestation Order forms and your initial witness statement to the Court;
  • Assisting you with the 'ex-parte' Hearing with the Judge 
  • Advising you on ‘undertakings’ and the implications;
  • Advising you what happens if you breach the Non Molestation Order;
  • Assist in Court by advice. I cannot speak for you;
  • Complying with all the Court Directions as set out in the Court Order
  • Advising on the costs 
  • Discgarging any Order
  • Appeals
  • What Questions to ask to prove your allegations or rebut the allegations made against you.


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