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McKenzie Friend



Are you seeking advice about Divorce, Child Custody, Parental Responsibility, Child Arrangement Orders or Non-Molestation Orders, but cannot afford the fees charged by solicitors?


Are you thinking of starting or responding with regards to a divorce or other Family Court proceedings?


Are the legal costs stopping you from starting a Divorce?


You can’t get Legal Aid and you can’t afford Solicitors’ Fees?


Divorce Forms and Court Proceedings scare you and you are at a loss of where to turn?


There is now an answer - the use of a ‘McKenzie Friend’.


Unfortunately, there may come a time when you need legal help to commence or respond to family/divorce proceedings, and because of Legal Aid changes you may be stuck with the choice of either representing yourself or instructing a solicitor and paying exorbitant fees.


Luckily there is now an alternative; instead of instructing a lawyer, you are now entitled to ‘reasonable assistance’ by way of a ‘McKenzie Friend’.


As a McKenzie Friend, I can assist you in completing all forms with regards to divorce and family law proceedings, aiding you in every way I can to ensure proceedings are as painless as possible. 


If you are on benefits or low income, I can assist you in completing the online forms that may mean you do not have to pay the initial £550 government divorce application fee.


I can also attend court with you to sit beside you and quietly advise you, in addition to offering you the morale boost that you have someone in court that understands the process and is on your side (never underestimate the effect that having an expert sitting next to you in court will have on the other side). 


Throughout the process it is my intention to help you make the best decisions for you and your family, offering impartial and non-emotional advice.


As a part-qualified barrister my fees are significantly less than solicitor’s fees.   Please see my Services page of how to contact me and what I will do to help.  I offer the first 15 minutes’ advice free of charge, via social media or email; for ongoing advice please see my Fees page.


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