Cost-effective McKenzie Friend based in Exeter but I operate nationwide

An alternative to a Solicitor and cheaper.

I can do everything a solicitor can except sign your documents and speak for you in Court. I can assist and advise you what you can say. 
(for eg - Final Hearing -  full day in Court can be £560, rather than £6000+ with a Solicitor)
(Directions Hearing (1 hour) - £140 compared to £1500)

Prices are estimates. Please ask for a quote. 

Advice and Court Assistance in the following:-
Family Law - Child Arrangement Order,  Special Guardian Order, Child Maintenance Service, Appeals.                   
Divorce Law  - new procedures April 2022, Deemed Service, online, D11.
Divorce – Financial Remedy – split of assets, completing Form A, D81, Form E, Consent Orders.
Separation if not married to include split of assets / TOLATA.

Now doing 'No Assets / No Pensions Just Clean Break' Consent Order
Small Claims - if you have a case. Forms, Judgement in Default, Case Management Conference.
Assistance in Court for all above. 

I will explain everything concisely and clearly 

Vast experience in supporting clients from beginning to the end 

£70 per hour Including Court Assistance  Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

£90 per hour Monday to Friday 5.01pm to 7pm

£120 per hour Saturday 930am to 2pm


a)    Undertaking ALL Legal Services in Family Law / Divorce Law / Unmarried Couples and Appeals. 
b)    Email / text Ian first before calling to book an appointment. 
c)    I am a member of the "Society of Professional McKenzie Friends Ltd".
d)    I have full Professional Indemnity Insurance.
e)    I offer practical, valued support and guidance from our initial meeting to the Final Hearing at Court and then if needed to Appeal. 
f)    I am with you for the whole journey to achieve the best outcome for you.
g)    I am transparent in my costs.
h)    I have 5 years full time experience (including attending and assisting in Court) and offer exceptional up to the minute advice in a clear way that you will understand. 
i)    I can advise and assist from our first meeting to the Final Hearing and after. 
j)    I am allowed to quietly advise my client in court, explain any legal jargon and advise what questions to ask the other side and the judge.
k)    Judges are now in certain cases asking me to facilitate negotiations outside the Hearing.

My Working Hours Are:- 
9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (£70 per hour)
Rate per hour is more if outside these hours - please see above 
All messages / emails / texts outside Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm  will be answered the next working day. (Monday - Friday)

Closed any bank holiday or special days.
All communication appliances are switched off outside normal working hours so please don't expect a reply. 

I am afraid I cannot give any free advice.  


We can communicate from start to finish (apart from attendance at Court) by the above.  No travel is needed.
Send me any Court documents, statements, forms etc and I can look and advise. You pay for my time to look and advise. 
I can complete forms for you by phone or email or online / phone.
Child Arrangement Order Applications and Divorce Applications can be completed online now. 


If needed, we can meet in Exeter or I travel to you or meet halfway
I can travel anywhere in England and Wales
Travel outside Exeter city centre - please see my page on Travel 

Please ask for a quote



Divorce and Dissolution Act 2020 now in play since  6 April 2022.

NO FAULT Divorce  
Divorce Petitions can only be made online. Price the courts charge is now £593.
*UPDATE* From October 2021 Financial Remedy Applications are now £275 charged by the courts.
*UPDATE* Child Arrangement Order Court fee payable to the courts now £232 
Now undertaking all Assistance with regards to Child Maintenance Service





Message me via email to get things started.


TWITTER is:          @legaladvisoruk

Facebook:   @shoutforyoufamilylawadvisor

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