Because of the nature of Family and Divorce Law everything is confidential. 


I therefore cannot name the clients but can give their county.  


I have been fighting to get my children back.  I used Ian and within 1 year my children were back with me.

Anon, Cornwall


I used Ian to fight to have my children safe from my ex.  Instead of costing £15k by using a solicitor, over 3 Hearings it cost less than £800.

Anon, Devon


It cost me £1200 over 2 years to ensure the Former Matrimonial Home remained with me and the kids.  

Anon, Plymouth 


I was helped with the forms and given brilliant advice for the Divorce.

Anon, Truro 


Without Ian’s help throughout for a year, I would never have secured the property, and my costs with the Form E and a D11.

Anon, Devon 


Not a stuffy lawyer, but easy to talk to. He doesn’t shout, he helps.

Anon, Torbay.


Ian is amazing really help me out with my situation because of Ian I’m having my children on a regular basis without having to go through the courts

Anon, Mid-Devon


Travelled to Hertfordshire for an early morning Court Hearing. Rang that day when I need to speak to him. I could have never done this without his help.

Anon, Hertfordshire.


Now seeing my kids more thanks to Ian and his assistance. The hassle I was getting from the SGO has stopped. 

Anon, Kent


With thanks to Ian.  Secured 50/50 for the Divorce. A great help and support.

Anon, Exeter


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