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Family Law / Matrimonial Law Services



  • Assist in applying for financial aid (Help With Fees) towards the court application fees for the Divorce Petition, defend the Divorce Application, Matrimonial Finances and split of assets Court Application and any other associated Matrimonial Proceedings.  Only applicable if you are on a low income, (this is not Legal Aid).
  • Advise and Assist in preparation and completion of the Divorce Petition, Decree Nisi and Absolute Application Forms
  • Completing the form D11 asking for service by email, Bailiff to serve or asking for the Decree Absolute after 12 months of the Decree Nisi being read
  • Assisting in defending the Divorce, via the forms and court attendance
  • Civil Marriage Divorce
  • Matrimonial Financial Hearings - Form FM1, A & E completion to assess how the marital assets will be split
  • Matrimonial Financial Consent Orders - assist in completing Form A and D81 plus help in negotiating an agreement
  • Who gets the pets?
  • Can attend court and assist if required
  • Help you prepaare your case.
  • It is anticipated that the New Divorce Act showing No Fault Divorces will come into effect Autumn 2021) 



  • Assist in applying for financial aid (Help With Fees) towards the court application fees for the Child Arrangement Order and any associated Family Law applications to court. Only applicable if you are on a low income, (this is not Legal Aid) 
  • Child Arrangement Orders (CAO)
  • Varying or setting up new Child Arrangement Orders
  • Specific Issues Orders
  • Prohibited Steps Orders
  • Obtaining Parental Responsibility including applying for Leave
  • Applying for an Order for a DNA test
  • Grand Parent Parental Responsibility including applying for Leave
  • Passport / Name / School complications
  • Stopping flight risks
  • Parenting Plans
  • Special Guardian Orders (SGO) - applying and discharging
  • Child Maintanence - Can assist contacting the CMS asking for more money or appealing any decision
  • Step Parents
  • Adopting as a Step Parent
  • Assisting with speaking to Social Services and Cafcass
  • Assisting with arranging drugs tests
  • Emergency Child Arrangement Orders 


  • Attending Court alongside you
  • I am allowed to quietly advise, speak to you
  • Help you with the procedure and legal jargon
  • Writing questions to ask,
  • Writing the opening and closing statement,
  • Pre Court attendence negotiations with the other side including meeting the other side's Barrister or Solicitor
  • Attending any Cafcass meeting at Court with you
  • Assist Building your Case
  • Assist Preparing your Court Bundle
  • Assist and Managing cross examinations
  • Emergency Orders




  • Advise on splitting assets if you are not married
  • Co-Habitee Pre Living Together Agreements (like a Pre-Nup)
  • Starting an action to recover or gain the equitable share in the assets
  • Claim for a beneficial interest in any asset
  • Order for Sale
  • In depth experience and able to advise on the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996
  • Who gets the pets?


  • APPEAL COURT - need to Appeal?

  • I can help and see if you have a case to take to Appeal and complete the forms, write the Skeleton Argument and draft why you should ask for Leave to Appeal
    Article 6 of the Human Rights Act 



  • Non-Molestation Orders (Applying and Defending and Discharging)
  • Drafting an Undertaking
  • Occupation Order- applying to the Court for the person in the property to be ordered to leave
  • Other - please message

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