As a McKenzie Friend, my role is to quietly advise you as the Proceedings happen.

This happens in Court or at Remote Hearings 

I charge £70 per hour from the time we agree to meet till the time I leave you. 


So why should you not choose a Solicitor to represent you?

  1. A solicitor will speak for / represent you and manage the case for court which may involve another 10 fee hours prior to court, at a cost of £5000.
  2. In Court, a solicitor for a day in Court may charge you £5000.  
  3. The costs will mount up and it is not unknown for fees to total £30000!

So why me?


My cost to you from the time we meet till the time I leave you.


If an all day Hearing starting at 9am for arrival at court and leaving at 530pm, my fee will be in the region of £560 plus travel and parking.


if it is an hour's Hearing and I arrive at Court for 9am, Hearing at 10 and lasts till 11, then 30 minutes discussing what happened and what to do next the fee would be -


£175 plus travel and parking.


No Brainer.


So, as I am a McKenzie Friend I cannot speak for you but I can:

  1. book you in with the Usher at Court so you have no need to see the other party prior to the Hearing,
  2. ask the usher for a separate waiting room if needed, 
  3. help negotiate in any negotiations prior to the Hearing starting,
  4. assist with what you say to Cafcass prior to the Hearing,
  5. speak to you prior to and in court so you know what to say,
  6. help you ask Questions,
  7. assist in writing your opening and closing submissions
  8. provide moral suppprt,
  9. stop you saying or suggesting anything that will upset the judge or ruin your case,
  10. nudge you so you know when to speak or when to raise your hand to speak to the Judge to put your view


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